Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Maine Female Serial Killers

The New book out by Emeric Spooner is a life long compilation of Urban Legends from the Mid Maine region. It is entitled In Search of Maine Urban Legends, book 5 of the "In Search of" Series.

I've worked with Mr. Spooner off and on for 7 years, I had heard of some of the Legends included in the Book, for instance the Jonathan Buck Witch's Curse, the Mummies used in paper making. I never even fathomed there was such a thing as Historical Female Serial Killers. Emeric has uncovered 2 and included them in the new book and it will soon be available on Amazon, the local Bucksport bookstore: Bookstacks and other area locations.

Its important not to give away anything and safeguard the wow factor of actually reading the book, but I can state that the textbook definition of a female serial killer is:

Female serial killers

Female serial killers are rare. They tend to murder men for personal gain, are usually emotionally close to their victims, and generally need to have a relationship with a person before killing them. "An analysis of 86 female serial killers from the U.S. found that the victims tended to be spouses, children or the elderly." The methods they use for murder are covert or "low profile", such as murder by poison. They commit killings in specific places, such as their home or a health-care facility (where they then become known as "Angels of Mercy" by the media), or at different locations within the same city or state. Each killer will have her own proclivities, needs and triggers, as specific reasons can only be obtained from the killer herself. On rare occasions, women may be involved with a male serial killer as a part of a serial killing "team".

"In a review of published literature on female serial murder, the most common motive identified was material gain." Sexual or sadistic motives are believed to be extremely rare in female serial murderers, and psychopathic traits and histories of childhood abuse have been consistently reported in these women. In a study of 105 female serial killers, the preferred method of killing was poisoning.

Historical criminologists have suggested that there may have been serial murders throughout history, but specific cases were not adequately recorded. Some sources suggest that legends such as werewolves and vampires were inspired by medieval serial killers.

When you read the above statement, your mind can't help but question how it was possible to occur in Maine, then when you read that it happened twice within a decade, you really have trouble comprehending the magnitude of the discovery.

Urban Legends are often told and retold stories that are based in truth. 2 female serial killers lost to time, certainly fall under this criteria.

When you read the truth behind the stories, then you begin to understand that Monsters are real, and walked the Maine land in the Victorian Age. For once I might add, they are of no relation.

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