Friday, May 14, 2010

Library Book Holds Clue to Murder

The new book on Mattie Hackett is now available on Amazon by clicking the above cover. Most have never heard of the Murder of Mattie, for its day, it was as well known as Sarah Ware.

This is the article that started the research into one of Maine's biggest Unsolved Murder Mysteries:

Weird Story Believed to Have Inspired
Killing of Mattie Hackett.
Special to the Washington Post.
Augusta, Me. March 31--Belief that a weird story of murder related in a novel at the Readfield public library gave inspiration to the slayer of Mattie Hackett, 18 years old, on August 17, 1905, is strong in the minds of the State Officials who have reopened the inquiry into the girl's death. They have removed the book from the shelves, and obtained the names of all who took out the book for some weeks proceeding Miss Hackett's death.
It is declared they have evidence that it was a long time in the possession of a woman whose actions at the time of the murder will be related to a grand jury on Tuesday.
The book contained an Australian story which dealt with murder by strangulation. Miss Hackett was called from her home and strangled with a thin cord, which is now in possession of the authorities.